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The protagonist is a rookie cop working in Shinjuku, a city that has become unsafe after a series of violent crimes known as the X-Day Incidents. While responding to a call late one night, she was ambushed, and when she regained consciousness, she found that she’d been collared by an unknown person. Worse, the collar had a poison delivery mechanism that was capable of being activated remotely. Working with a ragtag group of individuals that found her at the crime scene, the protagonist is in the middle of investigating the X-day Incidents, one day in December… A person introducing himself as a client suddenly appears at their base of operations, the Detective Agency. Because they were an agency in name only, they were about to turn him away, but then the name Adonis surfaced…

*This story is only playable as part of Collar×Malice -Unlimited-.


The series of violent crimes known as the X-Day Incidents have ended, and the protagonist gratefully returned to her daily life. Though she carried the weight of truth and sadness following these incidents, she’s also overcome many hardships together with her lover, and she spends each day with them, painting a new story together. The couple that vowed to protect the future of the city together. The couple that held onto each other as their reason to live. The couple that accepted each other’s scars and carried out justice together. The couple that went from master and servant to equals. And the two that felt the pain of being parted, while living under the same sky. At times they enjoy peace and quiet, but at times they face new hardships where they must overcome. Day after day their lives continue on.

*This story is only playable as part of Collar×Malice -Unlimited-.



I walked alone, on the only path I had left.

The rookie policewoman Ichika Hoshino had been pursuing the X-Day Incidents, and in the midst of it, something happened on that tragic day 2 years ago… Having eluded the police, the terrorist organization Adonis once again pushed forward with their plans behind the scenes. Those who were used as “Enforcers” from the X-Day incidents 2 years ago were released from custody and invited in as official members, increasing the organization’s power — and thus under Zero’s guidance, they proceed towards the revival of the “X-Day Plan”.

In addition, 2 years ago, Ichika Hoshino pledged her support to Adonis as Zero’s subordinate in order to fulfill a “certain objective”. It’s 30 days until the revival of X-Day.The protagonist is called in by Zero and given a secret order. Find Judas.

With the X-Day plan nearing fruition, Zero felt like this would be the time for a traitor to strike, and of anyone, it was most likely to be someone within the ranks for the Enforcers. Zero orders the protagonist to investigate all of them. People shrouded in guilt, people who still held onto their ambitions, and people who detested the organization that led them down the path of evil…

Amongst this group of people with all these different motives and intentions she would be sure to uncover a traitor amongst us, he declared. Why would he entrust me, the person that he should doubt the most, with an order like this? While questioning the true intention of Zero’s motives the protagonist begins her mission — reasoning that this too was groundwork she needed to do to reach her objective.

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